Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Baron of Prospect Ave.

My latest webcomic, The Baron of Prospect Ave., is up and running. Follow the further adventures of Otto "The Baron" Pizcok.

I posted a deleted scene from Punk Rock & Trailer Parks to get things started, and now the first new page is up. I'll update every two weeks with another page. Yeah, yeah, it'll move pretty slow at first until the story gets rolling. It's a freebie, so what are you bitching about? 

The plan is to make 24-page episodes, which, eventually, I'll collect as a book. I love this character and these stories, but it is, quite frankly a labor of love and little else. Doesn't seem to have much commercial appeal, judging from the sales of Punk Rock & Trailer Parks. Lots of critical acclaim, and a devoted cult following, but that's just not enough to raise it from "side project"status. 

Still, hope you all enjoy it. Feels good to be drawing comix stories again.