Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Disturbing Appeal of Derfcity

Hell of a week. 

First actor Rainn Wilson gave My Friend Dahmer a huge shout out (to his…. gulp… 1.5 million Twitter followers).

"Wow. Reading this is unlike any other reading experience I've ever had. Do it."

Just in time for Christmas shopping! Thanks, Rainn!

Then I get an unexpected write-up on The Examiner. "The Disturbing Appeal of Derfcity and Other Alt Comix." In this article, the writer discovers my bestseller for the first time, and apparently alt comix as well! At least mine, and those of Charles Burns. It's delightfully clueless…. dude! read more comix!…. but hey, I'll take it.

I like the juxtaposition, too. When I introduced myself to Burns, whose work I've long admired, at the Miami Book Fest, he recoiled and fled!