Thursday, November 26, 2015

Signed books for sale! With title page drawings!!

I've been getting tons of requests for signed books, but, frankly, I have no interest in running a mail order business here. So I've settled on a solution that benefits all. I've stocked up my favorite indie bookstore here in Cleveland, a store which serves as my home base (and was Harvey Pekar's before me), with a stockpile of signed copies of all my books. Not only signed copies, but copies with drawings on the title pages, too, what is known as a dedicace in France and Belgium.

These copies are available for cover price, as long as supplies last. That's right. No extra charge for the drawing. Mostly it's hardback copies of Trashed, but there's also some softbacks.... as well as copies of My Friend Dahmer, and a few of Punk Rock & Trailer Parks. Fifty or 60 total, I lost count. It's first come, first serve, so don't hesitate.

The bookstore is Mac's Backs and they happily do mail order. Call them at 216.321.2665 or place an order by email HERE