Wednesday, February 12, 2020

The new book! Kent State: Four Dead in Ohio

Here it is, my latest, due to hit the stores on April 4. This book, a project near and dear to me and one I've long wanted to tackle, was four long years in the making. People I've shown it to tell me that it's good. I've stared at these pages too long and honestly can't tell anymore. It's always that way. I think it's good. Haha, too late to turn back now! 

The early reviews have been heartening.

Publishers Weekly, in a starred review (that's a good thing!) says:

"Backderf delivers a provocative, heartbreaking account of the days leading up to the infamous tragedy of May 1970. His expertly crafted chronicle of this defining moment in U.S. history serves as a deeply moving elegy for the victims. "

The Library Journal, in another starred review, says: 

"An incendiary corrective to the myths and misconceptions surrounding these events and a memorial to the lives lost or forever altered that should be required reading for all Americans."

Here's a few pages. This is the most challenging book I've ever drawn.

Preorder? Why of course you can. here's the Amazon link. Although I'd prefer you buy it from your favorite indie bookstore.