Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The President of the Derf Fanclub

Sadly, he looks about what I expected he'd look like. Dammit, I got into this biz for the hot groupies! Where are the damn hot groupies? You lied to me, Crumb, you bastard!

Buddy Max Cannon took great delight in this video, and in the similarity my fan has to one of the Red Meat characters. Yeah, Max had some free time on his hands today.

The publication my fan is showing here is from 1997, even though this vid was only recently made. A 15 year old cartoon? I think that's the old Comic Relief magazine, which is long, long gone. I have no memory of any of the strips he shows. It's very flattering, though. Thanks, fan!

Dude has a number of video blogs up. Dude likes comics and toys. Don't we all?