Friday, January 10, 2014

A letter

Some of you lament that I don't post my nasty letters much anymore. Just had this troll bomb dumped on my Facebook page:

You're just another asshole sitting high on your double standard. Want to talk about making money off the backs of the suffering? You are a complete and total fucking asshole who got his fame on the coattails of a serial killer which I am sure you wrote so that you could donate a percentage of the profits to a fund for families whose sons were victims of that asshole. Im sick of your insufferable arrogance and shocking stupidity. I'm done with you. I'll be sure to tell everyone I know not to buy your book because you are an asshole. God knows your art didn't bring you fame.

Mason Speed

So which is it, Mas? I got fame on serial killer coattails or I don't have any fame at all? Can't have it both ways! I picture you going door to door on your block and screaming at your neighbors, bug-eyed and sweating,  not to buy "this asshole's book!"