Friday, January 24, 2014

History Channel interview

A fan has helpfully posted my History Channel interview on Youtube. Can't post the video here, for some reason, so you'll have to go HERE

I don't do much tv and refuse most requests. This show is a good example why. They interviewed me for an hour and used a minute of footage. I wasn't familiar with this show, America's Book of Secrets, but it's just the sort of documentary mush that you find on cable tv. 

It was a nightmare of an interview. My publisher's PR director begged me to do it. But History Channel would only put me up for one night in NYC for the shoot…. and then booked me a flight that went Cleveland/ f-ing Atlanta!/ NYC, with a 3-hour layover! So an hour flight to NYC took 7 HOURS! Each way!! I told them to forget it. More pleading. Finally, I agreed, but was NOT a happy interviewee, as you can see from my even-grumpier-than-usual demeanor. The shoot was down in the financial district, too, a week after Superstorm Sandy had flooded the area. Suitably apocalyptic. The drawing board here is a prop. Nice old board though.