Thursday, August 14, 2014

Here's your chance, patriots!

So where are all the patriot gun-toters? How come they're not flocking to Fergusen like they did to Bundy's Ranch or when they paraded around sleepy Medina, Ohio, on a Saturday morning, with ARs slung over their shoulders, terrifying shoppers and soccer moms? This is the REAL deal here, government thugs bringing the jackboot down on citizens asserting their rights! It's not some wealthy old racist trying to wheedle out of grazing fees. Here's your big chance, boys, to face down the guv'mint and cast off tyranny, just like them Founding Fathers planned!

But no. Instead, the gun toters are making a panic run on St. Looie gun shops and stocking up on ammo, and joking on local news sites about what THEY'D use to gun down the protestors.

Gosh. What's the difference between Bundy's Ranch and Fergusen? What could it be? Don't tell me, I'll figure it out in a minute....