Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Two weeks until SPX!

I'll be a "special guest" at the incredible Small Press Expo in DC, Sept. 13 &14. This is my favorite comix fest in the US. Well worth a trip to DC for the weekend.

SPX is held at the Bethesda Marriot Convention Center. A bit of a soulless stripmall part of the city, but easy access off the Beltway. Here's (above) where I'm located in the Grand Ballroom. Aisle I, table 13.

I'll have all my books, including the fresh-off-the-press True Stories: Volume One. I'm also bringing a shitload of original art, and a variety of other goodies. Or just stop by and say hello.

I"ll be easy to find. Just look for the 8-foot-tall Joey Ramone.

And WHAT a line-up this year! Lynda Barry, Tom Tomorrow, Ben Katchnor, Mimi Pond, Drew Friedman, Shannon Wheeler, etc etc.  

The main theme this year is a celebration of the Alt-weekly Comic Strip. Well, more like a wake for the Alt-weekly Comic Strip. But it's a topic (obviously) near and dear to my heart, and it's about time comix historians started to appreciate the era of alt-comix from 1980-2000 as the incredible period it was. I think it was a period unmatched in terms of experimentation, stylistic revolution and just outright excellence.  We strip guys were always kind of the bastard stepchildren of indy comix.  Those in and around the industry never really embraced us as part of the club. I jumped the fence some time ago, of course, and have been lobbying hard for my alt-weekly colleagues to finally get their due.

SPX. Be there or be square!