Thursday, September 11, 2014

SPX this Weekend!

If you're anywhere near DC, this is a show that is NOT to be missed. Hell, it's well wortrh a road trip! It's always been great, but SPX has now become THE indy comix fest. This year they'll be twice as many tablers, and the guest list is astounding. Jules Feiffer, Lynda Barry, Charles Burns, Tom Tomorrow, Drew Friedman, Mimi Pond, Ben Katchor, and virtually every indy creator in the biz.

I was asked to draw one of the badges, for those nominated for Ignatz Awards, obviously. here's the rest of them.  Who else would I feature but Otto? I have no business sharing the assignment with the likes of Lynda, Burns and Katchor, of course, but I'm happy with my badge.

And I'll be debuting True Stories: Volume 1 at the show! Yep, it's here, although not officially released for another month.

So come on down! I'll have all my books, tons of original art, plus some other goodies. I'm in the main ballroom. Section I (as in "eye"), Table 13.